• Pwning VMWare, Part 1: RWCTF 2018 Station-Escape

    Since December rolled around, I have been working on pwnables related to VMware breakouts as part of my advent calendar for 2019. Advent calendars are a fun way to get motivated to get familiar with a target you’re always putting off, and I had a lot of success learning about V8 with my calendar from last year.

  • There and Back Again: HITCON 2018's Super Hexagon

    One of the most interesting and unique CTF challenges I’ve seen over the past year was the “Super Hexagon” challenge from HITCON 2018. The challenge is unlike any other in several ways. A single bios.bin is distributed to the player that contains six (!) different levels to pwn, spread across all current exception levels, and involving both armv7 and aarch64 execution.

  • advent-browserpwn 2018

    Last December (2018), I created an advent calendar on the Japanese site after seeing some Japanese CTFers creating a PWN-focused calendar there.

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